About Qniverse

I've always liked creating things. Creativity is awesome. Don't you think?
This blog is somewhat of a creative experiment. I want to run my own universe for a bit.

All fiction authors and newscasters do this anyway. I just want to be open about it.

You may think this a bit presumptuous of me. Well, it is presumptuous, but I don't expect to do as well as people like Andrew Hussie. I will certainly try.

I intend to treat my universe with the utmost reverence. I'll play everything by the rules I establish, and I don't intend to abuse my power over it, except to troll any readers I may eventually have of course.
I intend to use this to explore human nature down to it's depths, and if I can touch it at all, the nature of life.

Qniverse is pronounced KEWniverse. It is a lame reference to the fact that this is a written universe. I'm sure you can figure out why it is a reference with enough thought.
*Cuneiform was an ancient form of writing. What? I told you it was a lame reference.

Anyway what are you waiting for? Well, never mind, dumb question, you're obviously waiting for me to finish talking. So umm, yeah. Start reading!