Friday, June 10, 2011

Chapter 1: Part 12

[Authors note: Sorry for missing several updates, I was traveling and forgot to warn you guys. It's a good thing no one reads this blog anyway! Additionally I notice that this update was unintentionally posted up before the previous two. This has been fixed now. Additionally, there is a second author I would like to phase in without the knowledge of the denizens of the qniverse, should said second author so wish. Never fear, all will be made clear in the course of time.]

Iris and Arky agreed wordlessly that they would not seek to modify the foundations of the qniverse this time, only observe.

As they had done just two days ago, they reached out with tendrils of awareness throughout the qniverse until scale was no longer an issue. They integrated themselves with the basic structure of the qniverse, and searched for the damage they had done to the inconsistencies they had tried so hard to fix.

They weren't there.

The tears in the fabric of the qniverse that had been there from the beginning were gone. They had succeeded!

But the author whose mind this represented was nowhere close to coming back. What was going on here?

The guardians of the qniverse withdrew to the physical plane, more confused than ever.

"Then, the inconsistencies were simply there to prevent Atlantis from having earthquakes?" asked Arky.

"That wouldn't make sense. The inconsistencies seemed a lot more fundamental to the way our universe worked than that." Iris closed her eyes to think. "It couldn't be an isolated case. We need to find out if anything else is going wrong with our world."

"Good idea." Arky agreed.

They closed their eyes and spread their awareness again, this time, focusing on the layout of the physical plane surrounding the planet. But no sooner had they started than they recognized a plea for help from the Dune village. It was from Winda. Dawn had broken, and something was seriously wrong.

Things were not supposed to go seriously wrong in the qniverse. The two guardians exchanged a wordless expression of horror before immediately jumping to the location they were required at.

They had yet to figure it out, but their crucial mistake was believing that seeing everything in the qniverse was equivalent to understanding everything, a mistake also perpetrated by their author in near equal magnitude.