Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chapter 1: Part 11

In the microseconds as she was transferring herself from Earth to the Moon, Iris slightly regretted not taking the time to come up with a slightly creative exit. She wondered if it would make Alteus double guess her identity. Ahh well, she could prove it to him later.

Arky was already there.

"Nice exit," he commented.

"Oh shut up."

"I didn't interrupt anything you were doing by asking you to come here, did I?"

"No, I came to the same realization you did just before I got your message."

"Oh?" Arky frowned. "What tipped you off?"

"Atlantis is having earthquakes."

"What? Is that even possible?"

"And Alteus is under the impression that they have always had them."

"Ridiculous!" Arky spat.

Iris held up a paw. "What tipped you off, if it was less severe than what tipped me off?"

"The inhabitants of Dune village held a surprise party for me."

"Ha ha! I put them up to that. But it was hardly a surprise, was it? You should have known already from when we-"

"That's exactly it, I didn't know."


"We thought we were in a position to see everything in the qniverse, Iris. But I think we were wrong."

The guardians of the realm stared at each other in a disturbed silence for a bit.

"Those tears in the fabric of the qniverse-" started Iris.

"you think we made them worse?" finished Arky.

Both knew what the other was thinking. They dissociated from the physical realm, and thought in unison

"Only one way to find out."

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