Friday, April 29, 2011

Prologue II

Arky, you should know that I already know exactly what you've done. I gave you a chance to fess up about it even though I knew you wouldn't. I also know you're pretending to yourself that you were just experimenting and didn't intend to ever bring that thing to life.

"I... I..."

Looks an awful lot like a cat, by the way.

"I'm sorry."

Are you really? That cat has a lot of thoughts in it. Maybe even more than you? When were you planning to bring it to life?

"I wasn't! I was just"

You were going to try.


Arky, I didn't ask you not to do this because I didn't want you to have fun and explore. I asked you not to do this because I wanted you to learn the RIGHT way to do this. This cat is pretty good though.


Oh? You've already named it? Well, Arky, this is the only being I'm going to let exist here that has the same power of thought as you, okay.

"You'll let me!? Thank you! Thank you so much!"

I don't know if it will turn out as well as you think. But I'm sure both of you will be fine in the long run.

Hey Iris! Wake up!

"Me?" Iris asked, "I'm Iris?"


"And I'm Arky! Welcome to existence!" said Arky.

Haha! That's cute! Well, Iris, I see Arky has provided you with basic language knowledge. I'm going to go ahead and give you the basic knowledge of this world that Arky has not yet given you.

"Oh!" Iris exclaimed.

I wish you had let Iris learn all of this information by (him? her? it?)self though, Arky, just like I did for you.

Anyway. It's time to make the main race I had planned for this world. Are you guys ready?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prologue III (part 2)

Arky humored my desire to work our way up, but I knew that ark wanted very badly to make something like arkself. (NEW PRONOUN UNLOCKED)

Arky became very proficient at making creatures, much more so that ark let on to me. In the hours when I left ark alone, ark not only created the creatures he planned, but ark began to weave together a consciousness that was much like ark in the hidden depths of the Qniverse. Arky had somehow got it into arks head that ark could keep its existence from me.

By the time we had finished making pretty much every Qniverse creature that corresponds to something we have here on Earth, besides humans, I asked him about it.

Naturally, he lied about it.

(Sorry today's post wasn't longer, finals are coming up)
(Edit: If I hadn't shortened this post, I wouldn't have had to split prologue III into two parts, and this would have just been prologue II. Oh well. I got straight A's, so it was worth it. THAT'S RIGHT, STRAIGHT A STUDENT. I've been trying to get straight A's for years.)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Prologue III (part 1)

Planets work very much the same way in the Qniverse as they do in our universe.

A planet suitable for life must be abundant in resources. Resources are made of thoughts in the Qniverse, but a creature of the Qniverse would perceive them much the same way we perceive water, food, and other material.

Gathering up resources to make a planet was much easier than making a sun. Arky did that pretty much by himself with little or no input from me (I actually did it since I am Arky, but that's a technicality, which my therapist refuses to acknowledge)

Arky put the finishing touches on what we would call the biochemistry of the planet before we started the big task of creating life.

"So are we making something like me yet?"

Not yet! Be patient. Let's start with things that are barely sentient, like plants.

"A plant?"

A plant is something that, as part of its somewhat routine function, takes energy from the sun and convert it to more usable forms for other life.

"How would it get used by other life?"

Well, other life could consume it, and integrate the parts of the plant into themselves.

"But what would happen to the plant?"

Umm, well. It would stop being a plant. It would die. Or at least part of it would die. It could probably regenerate itself from the sunlight. Why do you look so horrified?

"I don't want the plant to die."

It doesn't actually die, it sort of lives on inside the things that eat it. Umm, kind of. You'll probably figure that out yourself eventually.

At this point, if Arky had tear ducts, I think Arky would have burst into tears. I didn't expect him to take it so badly, although I should have known, really.

"Can we please make it so that the plants don't die?"

Okay. How about we make the plants store various resources in fruits and leaves that they form out of the sunlight we collect, and other life can eat the fruits and leaves? I'm sure the plants would like that better too, and I'm sure its what they would have done eventually if we had left them to their own devices.
(There was a lot more explanation involved here, as to what fruits and leaves were, but I suspect you have enough of an imagination to understand what they would be in the Qniverse, and I'm omitting the explanation)

And then we proceeded to small animals, which were easy enough to make since Arky had already established the basic biochemistry of the planet.

But as I anticipated, Arky became bored of it within a few hours.

"These are nothing like me!"

They are sentient!

"But they have nowhere near as much thoughts as I do."

We'll work our way up, Arky. But I intend to put you in charge of this place, so it's best if you have the most thought in this world.


If you're lucky, you'll never have to find out.

"Why can't you tell me now?"

You haven't learned enough about yourself and the world for me to tell you yet.

"Why can't you-"

Because I swore I'd leave things like this to your choice. The burden of autonomy, Arky, is that you actually have to do things yourself.

"... Fine."

Friday, April 22, 2011

Prologue IV

"What's a star?" asked Arky.

Okay, so it's probably time to stop talking in the first person. Wait. In the second person? What I mean is: I'm talking to you now, reader, not Arky. It's time to stop running Qniverse time in real time.

To make a long story short, I explained to Arky what a star is. A large glowing mass that provides light and energy to any life that may form around it. Light works slightly differently in the Qniverse. Light is made of thoughts, as is everything else. But light tends to be hard to entangle or cohere to. It simply moves quickly, and captures some of the color of the last thought it was in contact with. Of course Arky understands this implicitly, although being a creature of the Qniverse, (he? she? it?) doesn't really need to understand it to observe it happening. The explanation was for the benefit of you, dear reader.

We didn't take long to build a first star. It took a lot of thoughts to build something that would last for the lifetime of this universe, but still not as many as Arky is comprised of, naturally, since Arky's the first thing I thought of.
I guess being the first thing to exist in a universe has its perks. Like POWER. UNLIMITED POWER.

I also explained to Arky how we should probably make the first life resemble him in some aspect or another, since its the form he picked, and it conveniently has limb-like objects (those rectangles, which I'm just going to call limbs from now on), and things to see and speak as well (eyes and a mouth), which would make it easier for creatures comprised of less thought to DO things in the Qniverse, since they wouldn't have to do it directly.

Then we set about making a planet.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prologue V

"Don't worry. I won't"

Good. What's that you're doing there?

"Well, if I'm a bunch of coherent thoughts, that means I can squeeze myself in here."

Into that rectangle? I suppose.

"Now this rectangle and that other rectangle both cohere to me. And I can add more rectangles, and now I can do stuff using the rectangles instead of directly! Which is way easier."

Nice! Say, you're pretty lazy.

"Shut up, author. And look. I can also put these things on-"

I would call that a red circle.

"-and they cohere to me now, and now I can see stuff using the circles instead of directly! And I can add this other thing-"

A red triangle.

"-to shape my thoughts into words instead of doing that directly too!"

Ha! Nice, if a little simplistic. You're learning the rules of this place quickly, but I suppose its easy for you since you have so many thoughts that comprise you. Anyway. I think you've learned enough. Why don't we begin creating here.
Lets start with a star.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prologue VI

I'm back.

"Finally! What took you so long? I was getting lonely."

Sorry. I hadn't intended to think about this story much today, but it ended up being on my mind a lot, so a lot of time would have passed for you. About 1 hour by the way, in case you want a time reference.

"1 hour? Wow! An hour is a long time."

You're only saying that because you're not much more than an hour old. Believe me, by the time you're several years old, you won't think much of it.
I know what you're going to ask, I'll explain.
24 hours makes a day, and 365 days make a year.


Oh hey, don't be sad, I'm sorry. I'll let you ask next time. I know its kind of weird for me to know exactly what you're going to do before you do it. Just remember that it is actually you making the choice. I'll be sure to leave you with the actual choice next time. Anyway, did you want to tell me something?

"Yeah! Look at what I can do!"

Oh! Nice, um... gray rectangle you have there.

"I'm guessing I suddenly understand what 'gray' and 'rectangle' mean since you made me understand them."


"You're lazy."

Am not. If I were really lazy, I would have precluded your statement of that fact.

Alright! I'll stop talking like that! And fine, I am lazy, and I'll let you tell me not to talk like that next time.

"... Can we talk about my rectangle?"

Yes. By all means.

"I pushed a bunch of thoughts together, and made it so that they stay together in this shape."

Nice! I'm glad you figured out that thoughts work that way in this universe. I like to call that "Entangling" thoughts.

"But look at this. I have this other rectangle that I made, and I can entangle it with my big rectangle from far away, and they move with each other."

Yes. If two thoughts are coherent, they can be entangled even without touching.

"You told me that I'm a bunch of coherent thoughts, right?"

Not verbally, but I gave you that knowledge, yes.

"So if I put enough coherent thoughts together, would I be able to make something like me?"

Yes. But it's tricky, and that would be a sentient being. Again, I'm going to warn you not to try to make something sentient without me, please. It will end badly.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Prologue VII

Thought, the essence of creation.

Thoughts flow back and forth, merging, melding, entangling each other in endless streams.

They start off chaotic, indistinguishable from one another, but gradually they coalesce.

They become coherent. They form groups. Through these groups they can feel each other.
Through these groups they can see each other.

But right now these groups are all tied together in a part of my consciousness.
For now I may as well split that part off of my mind to let it run.

Ahh, wonderful. These groups can think. These thoughts can wonder. And...

Oh my, that was quick. Okay, this formless little thing is already wondering why it exists.

You exist because I said so, little guy.

Who am I? For all intents and purposes, I am you. I am the thoughts that comprise you, I am the reactions you make. I am the universe around you.

Wonderful! I'm glad you understand.

Yes, you are alone, and yes, "alone" is a concept that I have given you. But I wouldn't have given you that concept without intending for others to arise around you as well. But don't expect all of them to understand this universe as you do.
Hold on. This is getting a bit cumbersome. Let me give you my knowledge of language.
Can you speak?

"I... can."

Wonderful. I'm going to give you a name now, for conveniences sake.

"You mean because you're lazy?"

Nice sarcasm. Maybe I gave you a bit too much of my knowledge of language.



"I want my name to be Arky."

Arky sounds too short. How 'bout something more formal, like Arkiel.

"Can I please be called Arky?"

Alright. Your full name will be Arkiel, but you will henceforth be known as Arky.

"Can you stop talking like that?"

Of course, sorry. I got a little bit carried away. It's the first time I'm doing something like this.
Anyway, you should find that you can shape the universe around you to a large extent. I'd like you to help me make a world that would be suitable for other sentient entities. Don't try to make anything sentient without me though.

"Okay. So you want to start right now?"

You can start without me. I'm going to go away for a bit.
It will be a while for me, but not much time will have passed for you when I get back.

"Stop talking like that!"

Sorry! I'll be back in a bit. Just try to get used to what you can do, and make something cool. Be creative.

First Post

I've always liked creating things. Creativity is awesome. Don't you think?
This blog is somewhat of a creative experiment. I want to run my own universe for a bit.

All fiction authors and newscasters do this anyway. I just want to be open about it.

You may think this a bit presumptuous of me. Well, it is presumptuous, but I don't expect to do as well as people like Andrew Hussie. I will certainly try.

I intend to treat my universe with the utmost reverence. I'll play everything by the rules I establish, and I don't intend to abuse my power over it, except to troll any readers I may eventually have of course.
I intend to use this to explore human nature down to it's depths, and if I can touch it at all, the nature of life.

Qniverse is pronounced KEWniverse. It is a lame reference to the fact that this is a written universe. I'm sure you can figure out why it is a reference with enough thought. Or by emailing me, I guess, since it is sort of ambiguous how lame a reference it is.

Everything after this post will be a part of a new universe.