Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chapter 1: Part 2

In the microseconds as he was transferring himself from Earth to the Moon, Arky slightly regretted showing off. He wondered if it was okay to let the people idolize him so much. Ahh well, Iris did it all the time, and it turned out alright.

And what do you know, there she is now.

"Nice exit," she commented.

"Nice exit yourself, disappearing into a huge beam of light from the sky."

Iris could sense Arky's slight discomfort at the notion of showing off.

"Arky, I don't think its bad to show off like that, as long as you're not being cocky. Besides, as long as you're creative with it, I think it's good practice for when you really need to do something like that."

"I suppose so. But when would we need to do something like that?"

"The author talked to us about this. There will be threats to this world, and they may be more powerful than you or I. When that is the case, only our creativity will set us apart."

"I know. I just don't see it ever happening."

"Well, there's everything to gain by being prepared, and nothing to lose," concluded Iris. "Why don't we do what we came here for."

They began to expand their awareness out beyond the planet, encompassing the moon, the earth, the sun, other celestial bodies. As they touched larger and larger portions of their existence, it became possible to detect slight threats to the planet, big rocks that were on a collision course with the planet. A casual thought sent these rocks back into safer orbits. Then they detached themselves from the physical plane and stretched tendrils of thought throughout the qniverse.

Suddenly scale no longer mattered. It was possible to feel almost every thought that passed through the qniverse without expending much effort at all. There were thoughts that didn't fit. Inconsistencies within the fabric of the qniverse. They surrounded them, isolated them, and began to iron them out as best as they could.

But just as had happened the previous year, and every year before that, the qniverse rejected them. They were knocked clean out of their awareness before either of them could even react.

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