Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chapter 1: Part 8

Meanwhile, Iris was doing something.

And by doing something I mean that I was supposed to be thinking about this part of the story, but being in a coma tends to make one lazy, and I hadn't really thought about what was going on.

Obviously Iris knew what was happening, and I'm sure she mentions it in passing later in the story.

I know that she went into Atlantis and was having fun messing with all of her friends. However it is sort of a blur for me because I wasn't really paying attention at that point. Consequently I suspect that period of time in that region of the Qniverse is a blur for all the inhabitants. I can tell you that at this exact moment back in the Waterfall village (it was just before dawn over there), Mick was dreaming about pulling the same lightning trick that Arky did when he left, and accidentally set his bed on fire. I can also tell you that in the Dune village, a lizard called Tristan had just finished a plan for a construction project, and had subsequently fallen asleep at his writing desk. I can even tell you that a certain pair of human twins, both extremely adept at psychokinesis, had recently traveled to opposite sides of the world and disguised themselves in different forms. The slightly smaller one had just finished building a dwelling made of stone, wood, iron, and raw thought: a veritable fortress and the first of its kind, as there was really no need for defense in the Qniverse yet.

Anyway, back to Iris, or since she would prefer being referred to by pseudonym as I do, Siri.

Siri had "just befriended" Icarus the dolphin, who was very impressed with her psychokinetic abilities, and "introduced" her to Alteus, the head of the city, since he thought Siri might be able to help with the problem the city had been having recently.

Alteus politely told Siri that while her abilities were fantastic and rivaled that of a shadowkind, the mild earthquakes they had been having really needed the raw power of a guardian to fix.

Siri said that she would still try to help if she could.

Just before Alteus could reply, a particularly severe earthquake hit.

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