Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter 1: Part 4

Iris could have simply jumped to the Waterfall village from the bottom of the sea the way she had gotten to the moon. But since she wasn't supposed to be there for a while, she thought it would be worth her while to take the journey by land without leaving the physical plane. You always meet new people when you travel, and the more of your subjects you know, the better you'll be able to take care of them.

Besides, she wanted to stop by Atlantis for a bit too, Alteus had contacted her and told her to come if possible, although it wasn't urgent.

She thought it would be funny if she went in disguise. She wasn't supposed to visit Atlantis for administrative purposes yet, so if she went the way she was now, it would mean undue attention from the townspeople. A cat zipping around underwater was pretty obviously her. Obviously she couldn't pretend to be a shadowkind, since there were too few shadowkind in existence to pretend to be a new one. The tightness of the cetacean community also precluded a whale or dolphin alias.

Fish and most invertebrates weren't sentient per-se in the qniverse, so those didn't even occur to her as options. After thinking about it for a bit and morphing into a seal and an otter both, she decided that a sea lion would be the best choice. A random sea lion that happens to be proficient enough in psychokinesis to breathe indefinitely underwater.

She sighed. It was a lame alias. She knew Arky wouldn't like the idea at all. Whenever she proposed that they sneak in somewhere like that, he'd dismiss it immediately. Oh well. Forget Arky. She was going to sneak into Atlantis as a sea lion and that was final.

Oh! It was probably a good idea to come up with a name, wasn't it? Yes. Iris the psychokinetic sea lion was probably also a dead giveaway. Hey. Her name backwards became Siri. That seemed like a different enough name to not be obvious. Good. She'd travel to Atlantis as Siri the Psychokinetic Sea Lion, and hang around for a bit talking to the common folk. Excellent.

And she would get to mess with Alteus too!

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