Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chapter 1: Part 5

Meanwhile, Arky had already jumped about a mile upstream of the village on the Dune river, the river that ran through the Dune village (naturally). He thought it polite to walk into the village rather than just appearing in their midst.

Although he wouldn't tell anyone, Arky much preferred the Dune village to the Waterfall village. Although it was harder to get resources in the Dune village, and they lacked the cultured politeness found in the Waterfall village, Dunefolk were honest and simple. Arky knew that they wouldn't have a big welcome ready for him. Knoyou was a shadowkind after Arky's own heart. Unlike Loost, Knoyou was not one for putting on displays.

Arky felt a small probe directed at his being. He smiled to himself. He knew who it was without having to trace its source back to the river. He gave no indication of having realized he was being spied upon.

He decided to give the little spy a run for her money. He feigned interest in a passing insect, and watched it for a bit. Eventually, being careful not to be detected, he suggested to the insect's primitive thought process that it should fly towards the village as fast as it could.

He acted surprised, and then raced after the insect himself. The probe followed him. The insect darted backwards again. He instantly reversed his velocity and followed. The insect zig-zagged back and forth, and he followed its path exactly behind it. The probe skipped a little, but still followed him. The insect darted up and down, but this time the probe didn't miss him at all. Then the insect mysteriously broke the sound barrier instantly and moved about half a mile down until it stopped right next to the source of the probe. The probe was lost completely.

Winda jumped out of the water. "That's cheating!"

"You've gotten a lot better though!" Arky laughed, "I can see you've been practicing."

[The more attentive of you have noticed my subtle retcons! Don't worry, my need for retconning details will die out as I plan out more and more of this world. However, I don't intend to let my characters suffer through an inconsistent universe either, so I will fix any problems that my universe has as best as I can. I'm not perfect though. I'm going to make it a thing that there is a weekly voting incentive, the post on friday will also be accompanied by a picture]

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