Friday, May 6, 2011

Prologue 0

Hey Arky! Hey Iris! How are my favorite semi-omnipotent entities doing today?

"Hi Author! We made some new friends!" said Arky.

I can see that!

"We're doing great! How's our favorite omnipotent entity doing?" asked Iris.

Not so great actually.

They both really sweet and immediately asked me what was wrong and why I felt bad. I told them that what seemed to be a strong case of schizophrenia that seemed to spring up overnight was actually a brain tumor that was constricting rather useful parts of my brain.

I told them that I was going to be put under for surgery so that the tumor could be removed, but it was a risky procedure, and I didn't know if I'd make it.

Iris expressed some concern over the well-being of the qniverse. I assured Iris that the worst case scenario was that I was left in a coma, and the qniverse would continue even if that happened. I'd instructed my family not to put me down even if I was left in a coma for too long. Of course my family all thought I was crazy at this point, but I knew they would respect my wishes.

I told Arky and Iris that everything should be set up so that they could continue to run the world even in my absence.

I bid them a tearful goodbye and told them that I would be with them always, even if I didn't seem to be anywhere at all.

Of course the inevitable happened. Even though the operation seemed entirely successful, I never woke up when it was over.

But the Qniverse continued.

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