Friday, May 13, 2011

Chapter 1: Part 3

Iris was the first to regain consciousness and congeal her thoughts back into a physical form.

"Ugh... author? Amos? You there? I guess not."

She searched around for the core of Arky's being, and once she found it she poked him a little.
Arky came to with a start.

"That's one crazy dream spike he's having!" Arky yelled.


"Umm. I'm not sure. That feels like the last thing I remember hearing. Say, did you feel something different this time?"

"Not particularly. I feel worse than last time though. I feel like I had to put my entire mind back together."

"I saw a light. I felt something... Like we were missing some really obvious thoughts that make up the qniverse."

"But how could that be? We were in a position to see everything!"

"I don't know, Iris. Ugh. I feel terrible."

"We didn't succeed either. The author isn't back."

"I know. He would have said something by now if he was."

Downcast, the two guardians of the qniverse decided to try again the next year. They took the trip back down to Earth and hung out under the ocean for a bit before bidding each other good bye.
Arky was headed off to the large desert on the norther part of the second largest landmass on the planet. It was his turn to visit the village headed by Knoyou, who was more or less the second in command of the shadowkind, and incidentally was also in charge of what was called the western hemisphere. There was also crocodile child there who was particularly proficient in psychokinesis. He was also looking forward to teaching her some more.
It was Iris's turn to visit the Waterfall village next, although she wasn't really due there for another two weeks. She was looking forward to seeing Loost again. They had planned to establish a system of schooling the next time she visited.

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