Monday, May 23, 2011

Chapter 1: Part 7

"What?" asked Arky?

Knoyou pushed his way to the front of the crowd. "We had heard it was your birthday."

"Well I suppose that's technically true. You needn't have gone through the trouble of setting all of this up."

"It worked perfectly!" Winda laughed. "You were so distracted by my probe on the way here that you didn't realize I contacted Knoyou to let him know you were here!"

"That's what that was about?" Arky was impressed.

"It was Knoyou's idea," said Umed (who was incidentally Mick's mother) "And incidentally you fell right into it." Umed punched him in the shoulder. "Pretty embarrassing for a guardian of the universe, huh?"

"Oh be quiet. I'm guessing Iris told you it was my birthday. Thanks you guys, I don't know what to say." Arky looked sideways over at Umed, "besides 'You shouldn't have done it.' "

Arky sighed internally. It seemed that the Qniverse consistently conspired to give him unwanted attention. This was not far from the truth, of course, since I was writing the story, and I decided it would happen, but of course this didn't occur to Arky, who mostly just interpreted it as bad luck.

Anyway, Arky resolved that the next time Iris asked to sneak in somewhere in disguise, he would agree.

The rest of the day passed without incident. Arky laughed along with the villagers, who had gotten ahead in their work enough just for this occasion. Arky supposed it was alright, since while he was here he would help them with whatever they needed. By nightfall, Knoyou and Umed had both gotten a bit tipsy (did I mention that Knoyou was Mick's father?), and were flying around making totally ridiculous patterns with fire.

It was a hard earned rest for the village though, so they all enjoyed it.

Dune village didn't have a special place for guardians to stay, which was really for the better, since a guardian didn't really need any place to stay at all. When the village finally turned in for the night, Arky simply hovered above the center, observing the region while he meditated.

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