Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prologue III (part 2)

Arky humored my desire to work our way up, but I knew that ark wanted very badly to make something like arkself. (NEW PRONOUN UNLOCKED)

Arky became very proficient at making creatures, much more so that ark let on to me. In the hours when I left ark alone, ark not only created the creatures he planned, but ark began to weave together a consciousness that was much like ark in the hidden depths of the Qniverse. Arky had somehow got it into arks head that ark could keep its existence from me.

By the time we had finished making pretty much every Qniverse creature that corresponds to something we have here on Earth, besides humans, I asked him about it.

Naturally, he lied about it.

(Sorry today's post wasn't longer, finals are coming up)
(Edit: If I hadn't shortened this post, I wouldn't have had to split prologue III into two parts, and this would have just been prologue II. Oh well. I got straight A's, so it was worth it. THAT'S RIGHT, STRAIGHT A STUDENT. I've been trying to get straight A's for years.)

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