Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prologue V

"Don't worry. I won't"

Good. What's that you're doing there?

"Well, if I'm a bunch of coherent thoughts, that means I can squeeze myself in here."

Into that rectangle? I suppose.

"Now this rectangle and that other rectangle both cohere to me. And I can add more rectangles, and now I can do stuff using the rectangles instead of directly! Which is way easier."

Nice! Say, you're pretty lazy.

"Shut up, author. And look. I can also put these things on-"

I would call that a red circle.

"-and they cohere to me now, and now I can see stuff using the circles instead of directly! And I can add this other thing-"

A red triangle.

"-to shape my thoughts into words instead of doing that directly too!"

Ha! Nice, if a little simplistic. You're learning the rules of this place quickly, but I suppose its easy for you since you have so many thoughts that comprise you. Anyway. I think you've learned enough. Why don't we begin creating here.
Lets start with a star.

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